Jesse Woo
Tormented Hero Kain Highwind Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy
Trailer within.
07.29.16 - 2:07 PM

Dissidia Final Fantasy will receive yet another new character to lay the beatdown on a roster of heroes and villains of Final Fantasies gone by. This time the new challenger is Kain Highwind, the childhood friend and fellow dragoon of Final Fantasy IV protagonist Cecil Highwind. Though recent additions have been villains, Kain's alignment is murkier; he joins the party at several points in Final Fantasy IV but also becomes an enemy under the influence of mind control by the evil Golbez.

Regardless, in the trailer you can see him go toe to toe with Final Fantasy characters good and evil.

Kain will join the game on July 28th. Dissidia Final Fantasy is in Japanese arcades now and there has been talk but no confirmation of a PS4 release. A western version has not been announced.