Peter Triezenberg
Lady Layton Announced for 3DS and Mobile Devices
And it's been confirmed for the West!
07.28.16 - 1:46 AM

Level-5 has announced the next installment in the popular Professor Layton series of puzzle games. Entitled Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's Conspiracy, the game follows Katrielle Layton, Professor Hershel Layton's daughter. She's a "jack-of-all-trades, mystery-solving detective" who investigates strange incidents in London. Katrielle initially got into the detective business in order to track down her missing father, but in the process has accumulated quite a following. The game will be coming to Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS in 2017, and Level-5 has confirmed the game for a Western release already. Check out the announcement trailer, a message from the Japanese voice cast, and official synopsis below.

As one of Level-5's masterpieces, the Professor Layton series of puzzle adventure games has sold more than 15.5 million units worldwide to date. Its newest official sequel, Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's Conspiracy — available on Nintendo 3DS/Android/iOS — was announced to be released in Spring 2017 in Japan.

Not only will the main character switch from "Professor Layton" (Hershel Layton) to "Kat" (Katrielle Layton), many of its characters will be brand new. The story will focus less on dynamic problem-solving and more on solving multiple mystery cases observed in the everyday lives of Londoners, which will bring a faster tempo and more comical tone to the series. It will be more familiar — and funnier — than ever, while maintaining an adventurous quality. The creators of the puzzles and brain-teasers, the core element of the series, will also be new.

Please look forward to the new Professor Layton series, targeting a Western release in 2017.