Alana Hagues
Retro Encounter 16-2: Xenogears
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07.27.16 - 5:50 PM

Just like disc 2 of Xenogears, the Retro Encounter crew has undergone a dramatic shift. With a new one-time host for this episode, we finally reach the end of this PlayStation epic. After over 60 hours of drama, twists and existential crises, we look at whether the game has stood the test of time. After our two fans weigh in, our newcomer has a tough decision to make; is Xenogears one of the best games she's ever played? Or is there too much unfulfilled potential?

Join us as Retro Encounter prepares to bear its fangs at God.

Retro Encounter 16-2: Xenogears

The Retro Encounter crew is back, but with one man down will they be able to make it to the end of Xenogears? With disc 2ís sharp shift to a narrative focus, the gang discusses the major reveals of the game, the psychology behind its characters, and what Xenogears might have been like if Square had been given more time on it.

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Alana Hagues, Robert Fenner

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