Colin Burns
New Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Footage Comes Out of Comic Con
I know what I'll be playing in 2017.
07.27.16 - 12:56 AM

Square Enix brought their Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age demo to San Diego Comic Con this year and we have 14 minutes of off-screen gameplay to share with you. It may be hard to tell from this video but this HD remaster is stunning. Final Fantasy XII was woefully overlooked when it was released at the end of the PlayStation 2's life and its release on PS4 in 2017 will hopefully bring it to a whole new audience. One new feature that is shown in the video is the super speed mode that will surely make long grinding and exploring sessions much more bearable.

Be sure to read Derek Heemsbergen's thoughts on his hands-on time with that game at E3 where he was also able to interview the producer and director. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017.