Colin Burns
Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Receives DLC Quests and Costumes
I've got my eye on that Persona Q costume.
07.27.16 - 12:53 AM

Nintendo has released a trailer that highlights the DLC that is now available for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on Wii U. The costumes range from your standard Maid costume to ones themed after other Atlus titles like SMT IV. You can also download specific quests aimed at giving you tons of experience and loot.

Tokyo Millennium Collection DLC

  • Maid (for Eleonora)

  • X-Nurse (for Kiria)

  • Santa (for Tsubasa)

Costume Set DLC

  • Etrian Odyssey III Costume (for Kiria)

  • Persona Q Costume (for Tsubasa)

  • SMT IV Costume (for Touma)

  • Devil Survivor 2 Costume (for Itsuki)

Hunter Quest DLC Packs

  • EXPedition Hunter: Gain tons of experience

  • Masterful Hunter: Rapidly acquire weapon materials

  • Savage Hunter: Survive to earn top loot