Alana Hagues
Ara Fell Review
Ara fell? I hope she's alright...
07.26.16 - 1:35 PM

Floating islands and continents have always been some of my favorite places to explore in games: Zeal in Chrono Trigger; Arcadia in Skies of Arcadia; the world of Baten Kaitos. These have been some of the most awe inspiring places I've been able to visit. They carry an extra air of mysticism and beauty about them that gets my adventure's heart pumping fast.

All the more exciting then that I got to review a game that is set entirely on a floating continent! Ara Fell was made in RPGMaker 2003, and it looks beautiful and adorable to boot. But does it rise above the clouds or gravitate back down to earth? Check out my review below and you'll find out.