Jesse Woo
New Indie TRPG Tahira Channels The Banner Saga, but with Sci-Fi
Everything is better when you add a little sci-fi.
07.22.16 - 12:13 PM

Independent studio Whale Hammer Games will soon release Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, their love letter to turn-based tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and most importantly, The Banner Saga. The game follows the young princess Avestan as she contends with the invading Astral Empire in a ruined world that was once a part of a vast space faring civilization. Its announcement trailer is below:

The similarities to The Banner Saga's battle system are apparent, right down to the attack animations. Stoic Studio licensed its battle engine to another indie TRPG Bedlam, but it is not clear here whether Tahira runs on a licensed engine or merely one inspired by the indie darling. In any case, the developers are promising a deep story with no filler battles and plenty of exploration. Check it out for yourself on August 31st when the game comes out on PC.