Peter Triezenberg
Grandia III Receives ESRB Rating for PS4
When you fly in the sky...
07.19.16 - 9:23 PM

It looks as though the next PlayStation 2 title to hit PlayStation 4 will be Grandia III, the third entry in Game Arts' Grandia series originally released in 2005. The PS4 has slowly been gaining a host of classic games given crisp HD visuals and additional Trophy support, so it's nice to see another one being added to the list. You can see an official description from below, and what we thought of the original release by reading our Editor-in-chief John McCarroll's review here.

Heroes come together as their world is torn apart.
  • Unleash the ultimate action battle system with devastating attacks and magic.

  • Explore a massive, dangerous world- on the ground and in the skies.

  • Team up with your allies to execute stunning Aerial Combo attacks.

  • Experience detailed graphics and CG cinemas which bring the story to life.

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