Colin Burns
Check Out Vehicles and Bosses in New Yokai Watch 3 Videos
We don't even have Yokai Watch 2 yet!
07.16.16 - 10:36 PM

Level 5 has released new gameplay videos showing off some of the unique features for their upcoming sequel, Yokai Watch 3. The first of these videos highlights the vehicle system; The hero of Yokai Watch 3 can ride around on horses, rafts, submarines and more. Check it out below!

The other video shows off a boss battle with a Yokai named Galactalian. Take note of the revised, grid-based battle system which looks much more strategic and involved when compared to the battles in the original game. Yokai Watch 3 takes place in a fictionalized America and it is always interesting to see what Japanese developers think of American culture. Apparently, trash monsters are running rampant!

Yokai Watch 3 releases in two flavors, Sushi and Tempura and it will be available on 3DS on July 16th in Japan.