John Alas
Tales of Berseria Gets a New TV Commercial Focused on Rokuro
The swordsman gets his time to shine.
07.15.16 - 3:23 AM

Bandai Namco released a new commercial for Tales of Berseria featuring Rokuro, the swordsman who joins the party due to a debt he owes Velvet after an unknown event in the past. Check it out below.

As usual the commercial looks excellent, showcasing Rokuro's dual sword combat abilities through action-packed battles. At the end it shows that Rokuro is a Daemon; Daemons are humans that have been affected by a disease causing them to act violently toward non-afflicted humans. However, Rokuro is one of the few that has retained his sense of reason.

Tales of Berseria is looking to be another solid entry in the long-running series. It is scheduled to release in Japan on August 18th for PS4 and PS3. The Western localization will follow in early 2017 for PS4 and PC. Keep checking RPGFan for more updates on the game and be sure to check out our screenshot gallery and E3 impressions!