Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 16-1: Xenogears
Which one is this? Xenosaga? No? Oh Joy! Xenogears!
07.13.16 - 10:10 PM

Xenogears harkens from a time when Square could do no wrong and Retro Encounter is excited to play through this deeply loved classic. All our bases are covered as we have a super, mega fan paired with a newcomer to provide a complete look at how Xenogears has aged, and what has made it so endearing to so many people. In this episode we cover the first 20 hours of the game and provide our initial impressions.

Join us as Retro attempts to find the meaning of everything.

Retro Encounter 16-1: Xenogears

Retro Encounter sits down to talk about the Square classic: Xenogears. We discuss the Xeno-universe, whether Xenogears has aged well, symbolism, the puzzle-esque boss fights, the combat system as a whole and our overall impressions of the early portion of the game.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Alana Hagues, Caitlin Argyros, Robert Fenner

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