Scott Clay
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.35 Releases July 19th
Time to traverse the Palace of the Dead.
07.08.16 - 3:23 AM

Patch 3.35 for Final Fantasy XIV which features the much-anticipated Deep Dungeon — Palace of the Dead will release on July 19th. Most of the smaller patches between big content patches are normally reserved for bug fixes and quality of life changes, but 3.35 brings a rather substantial amount content to the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Deep Dungeon

The Deep Dungeon is a 50-floor dungeon where each floor is randomly generated. Gear and character level do not matter when you enter the Deep Dungeon since you start at level 1, and the only gear you can use is the gear you find within the dungeon. You can challenge the Deep Dungeon in a group of up to 4, or attempt it solo to increase the amount of difficulty. The challenge won't end at floor 50 either, as the number of floors will increase beyond 50 in later patches. For more information on the Deep Dungeon, you can check out the preview on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone here.