Jesse Woo
Despite No Official Plans, Hope Remains for Star Ocean 2 Update's Western Release
Star Ocean 5 was a disappointment, but they'll never take Second Story from me.
07.08.16 - 3:15 AM

In a recent SiliconEra interview with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness producer Shuichi Kobayashi, the man behind the disastrous sequel remained hopeful about series' possible future. Part of that hope hinges on a recently released version of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Many, including this editor, consider Star Ocean: The Second Story the strongest game in the franchise and were pleased when an enhanced version of the game's PSP port re-released on PS4 and Vita in Japan last October.

star ocean second evolution reboot

Reintroducing Star Ocean: Second Evolution, as the port was retitled, to the West might be one way to compensate for a lackluster attempt to reboot the series with the latest sequel. However, Second Evolution's producer has little recent experience in localizing games in the the West and there are currently no plans to do so. Still, Kobayashi-san stressed that it is his personal mission to reboot the series and agrees that localizing the game would further that goal. Despite the absence of an official plan, he is mulling over the possibility of a back catalogue or some other method to distribute the game.

Kobayashi-san's love of the Star Ocean series is evident; lets hope his next effort to revitalize it meets with more success.