Jesse Woo
New Ys VIII Screenshots Cover Cast and Systems
This game needs to just come out already.
07.08.16 - 3:11 AM

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana centers around the relationship between the series' regular hero Adol Christin and the mysterious blue haired woman Dana. Though they occupy different worlds, they share one consciousness, allowing the player to switch between the two at various points in the story. Once Adol finds certain points in his world he can jump into Dana's mind and explore her world and story. The player can switch back to Adol when they find another consciousness sharing point in Dana's world. Further, players may find Adol's world on Siren Island changed upon their return. For example, Dana's actions can open up new paths for Adol and team to explore.

ys viii adol and dana

From fishing to home decoration, Ys VIII will have no shortage of diversions for players looking to squeeze every ounce of fun from Siren Island. They can give presents to their companions to build rapport and good relationships. Presents should take into account the recipient's personality though; the hard-drinking Dogi might like some nice alcohol for example. As relationships approve, so will that character's stats and support skills.

Players can also search the island for fragments of notes from a mysterious explorer named "T" or various pirates who previously used the island. These clues may help Adol in his quest to explore and escape. Lastly, the "interception" game pits Adol and friends against successive waves of giant monsters that threaten Drifting Village's defenses. If Adol does well, he can earn rewards for his efforts.

ys viii gameplay

Falcom has also detailed several NPCs. Sister Nia is a pious nun who remains devoted to god, calling her time on Siren Island "an ordeal from God." Another passenger is Licht, a young medical student who was serving aboard the ship Lombardy as a fill-in doctor. Licht is quite gifted academically, but lacks real world experience and confidence.

ys viii sister nia ys viii licht

Though we previously covered Griselda and Austin, Falcom has released more screenshots of these noble castaways. Check them out along with all the other new images in our updated gallery. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana comes out on PS4 in Japan on July 21st and next year in the West.