John Tucker
Hiring Drive Results
Meet our new team members! They're pretty great.
07.07.16 - 5:31 PM

As you may remember, we recently had a hiring drive. It turns out that it was a very successful one, and today, I'd like to introduce you briefly to the new crew!

The podcast team has always had to handle post-production themselves until now. But new hire Brian Ingemanson is here to help out on that front as our first audio engineer, and as you might guess, he's into making music outside of the site, too.

Brian isn't our only behind the scenes addition to the team, though — our media team is here every day making the site look great and building galleries for the games in our coverage, and that team has now grown by two! Sian Lewis shares my fondness for the Harvest Moon series, and Timothy Veilleux, like me, is a veteran of the NES era.

The other folks who put out new content for us every single day are the members of our news team, and we're happy to have added four people to that group. (I still can't believe that there have been times when we only had one news writer on staff.) Josh Adams named his firstborn after the main character of Ni no Kuni, so he was a shoe-in. John Alas has been playing Pokémon since he was barely old enough to read the menus. Sean Dowie is our latest hire from the land of Wolverine (and probably other things, Canada is a big country). And Jonathan Rumore is exactly the kind of passionate gamer we love, but apparently, you shouldn't get him started on the topic of prunes.

Since the review crew was already our biggest team, didn't grow quite as much as news, but they're happy to have added two to their numbers. Rob Rogan is probably the most likely person to start a staff fantasy baseball league, and Nick Ransbottom loves writing enough that I wouldn't be surprised if he was the next to leave us because his career of getting paid to do this took off. In the next couple of weeks, we've got one more new reviewer coming on board, but I'll leave his intro until later.

The music folks, on the other hand, were the smallest writing team before this hiring drive, having lost a few folks to career advancement outside of the site or shifts in their on-site jobs. So they got five new people! Ronald Buie doesn't just write about music — he composes it. Samer Farag lives in one of my favorite cities, Boulder, CO. Francis Li, on the other hand, comes from the other side of the world, single-handedly doubling RPGFan's Australian contingent. Stephen Little also lives far away from many of our team — in Israel, he's the only member of our current team in Asia. And Adam Luhrs brings it back here to the West, just a short drive from Samer in Denver.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our new team members. They're already doing great work, and we are very happy to have them.