John Alas
Star Ocean 5 Developers Want Series to Continue Trying Something New
More cleavage in Star Ocean's future.
07.04.16 - 9:38 PM

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness has now been released worldwide, and two of the staff members are already starting to discuss the future of the series. Square Enix hosted a panel at Anime expo and Producer Shuichi Kobayashi and Character Designer Akira "Akiman" Yasuda talked about the possibility of a new game and gave some insight on the approach they wanted to take with Star Ocean 5.

star ocean 5 fiore breasts

During the development of Star Ocean 5 the developers wanted characters similar to the Star Ocean 3 cast. And, when deciding the art style, Kobayashi wanted a mix between manga and realistic art to take advantage of the PS4's power. After a seven year gap between installments, the team was aiming for a traditional Star Ocean feel, and Star Ocean 5 was the result.

Kobayashi wants to make another JRPG right now and bring it to the West as soon as possible. If there is another Star Ocean installment, tri-Ace wants to try something "completely different". Kobayashi says he will quit the industry the Star Ocean series doesn't continue.

Touching on recent controversy, Akiman said he wants to have cleavage in future games. He wasn't able to draw good cleavage in Street Fighter but is happy that he is able to do so in anime and Star Ocean 5. He likes Star Ocean 5 because he isn't popular with girls in real life, but can be popular with girls in the game.

Fiore's voice actress Aimee Castle also commented on the character's alluring looks. She didn't realize the Fiore's outfit was mostly skin, but ended up loving it and thanked Akiman for all the tweets she gets on it.

Star Ocean 5 is out now for PS4. Keep checking RPGFan for more on the game.