John Tucker
RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Wild Arms 2
What could be more patriotic?
07.02.16 - 2:14 PM

It may be a day early, but this week on RPGFan Sunday Streaming, we're doing what we can to celebrate the 4th of July by streaming a Western game... from Japan.

The Wild Arms series is set in a place that resembles America's "Old West," but with sci-fi and other elements mixed in. Oh wow, that just gave me a flash in my head of a Wild, Wild, West or Brisco County, Jr. RPG. I have no idea how to make either of those work.

But Wild Arms 2 worked! And that's the entry that we're streaming this Sunday at noon Eastern. Join us over on our Twitch channel and check out previous streams on our YouTube channel — links to both can be found below.