Sean Dowie
Zero Time Dilemma Limited Edition Faces Delays
But it's not all bad news!
07.01.16 - 10:12 PM

Publisher Aksys is facing some delays for its highly anticipated game, Zero Time Dilemma, the final part of Spike Chunsoft's Zero Time series. The road to release has faced its fair share of bad luck.

A few days ago, word hit that the nifty watches that come packaged with the game's limited edition had been delayed due to damage in transit. Aksys assured fans that the watches would be coming around the third week of July (some are reporting longer). To soften the blow, they promised an additional bonus for the buyer's patience. The game was supposed to come on time.

Now, many people who purchased the limited edition on Amazon have reported that the game hasn't shipped, either. Amazon released a statement, saying, "We're contacting you about your order for Zero Time Dilemma:Limited Watch Bonus Edition Vita. We recently learned of an unexpected delay in getting the Limited Edition Bonus watch included in your order from our supplier. We'll be shipping the game without the bonus watch and will ship the bonus watch as soon as it becomes available. We're very sorry about this. To help make up for the inconvenience, we've added a $10 promotional credit to your account." That doesn't seem to address the delayed game, but at least buyers are getting compensated for their delayed watches.

Aksys is aware of the delay, and seems to be working tirelessly to get out of this snafu. The watches are coming, and I'm sure they'll be glorious and worth the wait. If you don't need a physical copy, you can now get it digitally on the Nintendo eShop, Playstation Store, or Steam. Watch the trailer for this incredibly promising game below.