Peter Triezenberg
Special Active Time Report Shows Final Fantasy XV Preorder Bonuses and DLC
Put Cindy's impressive... personality all over your car.
07.01.16 - 10:02 PM

During a special post-E3 2016 Active Time Report, Square Enix showcased some of the various pre-order bonuses and DLC items that will be attainable in Final Fantasy XV. These range from costumes, to skins for the Regalia, to weapons from prior Final Fantasy titles. You can check out the footage and list of items below.

  • GEO – "Cindy Edition" Regalia Coloring

  • Game Tsutaya and Tsutaya Online Shopping – "Golden Chocobo Edition" Regalia Coloring

  • Amazon Japan – "Final Fantasy XIV Model Gae Bolg" Weapon

  • 7-Elevel (not to be confused with 7-Eleven) and 7-Net Shopping – "Final Fantasy XIII Model Blaze Edge" Weapon

  • Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition – "Platinum Leviathan Edition" Regalia Coloring

  • First-Print and Early Download Bonus – "Final Fantasy XV Original Masamune" Weapon

  • Square Enix e-Store – "Final Fantasy IX Model Mage Masher" Weapon

  • Download Version Exclusive – "Pixel Character Edition" Regalia Coloring

  • Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector’s Edition – "Lucis Kingdom Suit" Outfit (for Noctis)

Final Fantasy XV will be out September 30th for PlayStation 4 and XBox One. As always, stay tuned to RPGFan for further updates.