Peter Triezenberg
Adventures of Mana Sneaks Onto PlayStation Vita in the West
Surprise, *expletive deleted*!
06.28.16 - 11:49 AM

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Following it's earlier release for smartphones, Square Enix has stealth-announced and released the PlayStation Vita version of Adventures of Mana, the fully 3D remake of the original Final Fantasy Adventure that kicked off the franchise. The game is already out in Europe for 11.49 pounds (or 13.99 euros), and will be out later today on the North American PSN for $13.99 USD.

adventures of mana playstation vita western release

The announcement comes in celebration of the Mana series' 25th anniversary. Given the fan outcry for the Vita version of Adventures of Mana, it's nice to see that Square is paying attention.