Jonathan Rumore
New Plot Points Detailed for Valkyria: Azure Revolution
We must go deeper.
06.27.16 - 7:52 PM

The upcoming PS4-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles spinoff, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, recently had more of its story beats expanded by SEGA. In Azure Revolution, players will belong to the Vanargand anti-valkyria unit. The unit is named after the mythic wolf from Jutland's legends. This wolf is not only the national animal, but is also symbolic of 'fighting legends with legends,' as Vanargand is meant to fight the Valkyria with the best gear available. This means that officers carry Rangite powered weapons. With a low supply due to an embargo, the simple use of Ragnite weapons shows how dependent the nation is on Vanargand.

valkyria azure revolution new plot detauls

We'll have more info on Valkyria: Azure Revolution soon, once the second demo arrives in Japan later this Summer. Until then, check out our image gallery here!, and sound off in the forums to tell us if you're excited for Azure Revolution!