John Tucker
Grand Kingdom Review
A game that is sort of released tomorrow, but also last Tuesday.
06.27.16 - 6:37 PM

Every so often, games that are released both digitally and physically get confusing. Case in point, Grand Kingdom, which was originally scheduled to be released last Tuesday, June 21st. But which was then delayed until tomorrow, June 28th. But only the physical version.

Of course, from a development perspective, that makes sense, because you have to have time to print the physical copies, where the digital version of a game only has to be compiled.

Whether you're downloading Grand Kingdom or buying a physical copy, it's the same game in the end, and today, we've got a review of it/them for you. This is our second review from Rob Rogan, who made his RPGFan debut only yesterday, thanks to a hole in the space-time continuum known as "Rob's first review was ready during E3 and we delayed posting it until afterwards so it'd get its fair time in the sun."

Please click the link below to check out Rob's thoughts!