John Tucker
E3 Wrap-Up Mega Post
Awards, a podcast, show floor gallery, and a consolidated list of our updates.
06.25.16 - 10:53 AM

Whew! We all survived another E3. But there's one last thing to post... and it's massive. Our Complete Coverage feature for this year's E3 includes both site-wide awards and personal awards from those who attended, as well as a gallery of pics the team took on the show floor and a special E3 episode of Random Encounter. Did anyone repeat last year's exhaustion and fall asleep while recording? You'll have to listen to find out.

But the biggest piece of the Complete Coverage feature is a consolidated page that includes links to everything we published from E3, grouped by game. Even if you were closely watching our front page over the past week, it's worth taking a look.

No matter how many times we go, E3 is still a huge event every year, and believe me when I say that everyone on this site works their tails off every year to provide you with the best possible coverage we can. I congratulate everyone on doing an outstanding job. But after attending E3, RPGFan's Creative Director, Mike Salbato, puts together this Complete Coverage feature. It is truly a massive effort, as you can see by. Please, if you enjoy it, say something nice to him on our Facebook page or via Twitter.