Jesse Woo
Time to Decide in Creepy New Zero Time Dilemma Video
Can you ever be not creepy in a bird mask though?
06.24.16 - 7:44 PM

Zero Time Dilemma, the concluding arc of the trilogy consisting of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward, comes out at the end of June, and publisher Spike Chunsoft has a new video to set the mood. Though the video is in Japanese, it is easy enough to glean the basics: There are nine characters trapped in a solid metallic room who must play a game where an escape hatch will only open when three people have died. The choice, naturally, is up to the player.

Check out the video below:

Zero Time Dilemma comes out on the 3DS and Vita on June 28th in North America and Europe and June 30th in Japan. A PC release is scheduled for June 30th as well.