Mike Salbato
E3 2016: Gallery for Nintendo's Surprising Ever Oasis
Look at that, an E3 announcement that we actually didn't see coming.
06.20.16 - 2:34 AM

For years now, most companies have eschewed announcing their E3 showings during the show itself. It began, fair enough, by revealing big titles at press conferences right before the show opened. These reveals have gradually moved further and further forward, with so many games being announced in the weeks leading into E3, there's usually few surprises left for the show.

E3 2016 featured a few surprises: Resident Evil VII was shocking in several ways, and even though we expected Zelda to be "different," most of us underestimated how far Nintendo was willing to go to change the formula. The most low-key of all of these must be Ever Oasis.

While the 3DS didn't have a presence in Nintendo's E3 booth, they still discussed the king of handhelds during the event in live broadcasts. Nestled among Pokémon news was Ever Oasis, a completely new IP being developed by GREZZO, who previously developed The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. Set in a desert oasis, and drawing more than a little comparison to the amazing Dark Cloud 2 for its action-oriented gameplay and town-building components, it was one of the nicest little surprises at E3.

Take a look at our new gallery for the adorable title, and if you missed the announcement, here's both an introduction trailer and 22 minutes of pure gameplay:

Ever Oasis is releasing sometime in 2017.