John Tucker
E3 2016: I am Setsuna Preview
Not a remake of I am Legend.
06.19.16 - 2:30 PM

I am Setsuna has been of interest to us here at RPGFan for a while now. Back in February, we included it in our 50 Most Anticipated Games of 2016 feature, where we described it thusly:

"On a snow-bound island, there lies an ancient custom where a maiden must be sacrificed in order to quell the angry demons that traipse the land. Setsuna is chosen to be this sacrifice in the picturesque world of Setsuna of Snow and Sacrifice. If the luscious design doesn't grab your attention, then the Chrono-Trigger inspired battles will by evoking that long-lost 1990's style of RPG."

This week at E3, Jesse Woo got to check out the current state of the game, and he's got a great review for you at the link below. Give it a read!