Mike Salbato
E3 2016: Akiba's Beat English Debut Trailer & Gallery
I'll admit, there's at least a surface-level Persona influence going on here.
06.15.16 - 1:27 PM

Despite what seems like a similar title, Akiba's Beat doesn't share much of anything in common with Akiba's Trip, except for it also being set in Japan's Akihabara district. Instead of a novel yet weird stripping mechanic, Akiba's Beat looks more like an RPG proper. We'll have a full hands-on preview later today, but for now, check out our brand-new Akiba's Beat gallery for screenshots and plenty of hi-res character art. Plus, here's the first trailer for the game to feature English dialogue:

Look for Akiba's Beat on PS4 and PS Vita this winter.