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Square Enix Profiles FFXV Characters, Chocobos, and FAQs
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06.07.16 - 7:46 PM

A recent Square Enix Active Time Report profiled Final Fantasy XV's four protagonists, and also allowed director Hajime Tabata to answer some questions from the fan community. Unlike past games, Final Fantasy XV will only have four playable characters, so players will be getting quite familiar as they experience these four bros on the road.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

Age: 20
Birthday: August 30
Height: 176 cm (5'8")
Favorite Thing: Beating a game's high score

Noctis is the main character and heir to the Lucian throne who begins his journey as an innocent trip to wed his fiance, Lady Lunafreya Nox Flouret. He fights by summoning a variety of spectral weapons, an ability unique to Lucien royalty.

Ignis Scientia

Age: 22
Birthday: February 7
Height: 183 cm (6')
Favorite Thing: Concocting new food recipes

Ignis was reared with Noctis and groomed to be his advisor with an extensive education. His training makes him a resourceful and composed ally and a valuable font of wisdom.

Gladiolus Amicitia

Age: 23
Birthday: April 2
Height: 193 cm (6'3")
Favorite Thing: Camping

Gladiolus is the first son of a family of warriors who have long served as bodyguards to Lucis Royalty. He uses his immense strength to shield the party from harm, but he shares a bond with Noctis that transcends that of a mere bodyguard.

Prompto Argentum

Age: 20
Birthday: October 25
Height: 173 cm (5'7")
Favorite Thing: Photography

Prompto has been Noctis' friend ever since they met as teenagers, despite his common birth. He finds himself out of his depth when Lucis is invaded, but strives to help his companions and maintain their spirits.

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In addition, Hajime Tabata's answers to community questions give some tantalizing details about the game, albeit in an ad hoc fashion. For example, the characters cannot climb, nor will the map be truly open world. Instead it will open up as players complete missions. Fast travel happens through camps, and players can return to any area in the game as long as they do so before the final boss. Players can also save any time, not only at camps.

Tabata promised an accessible RPG experience for all players in terms of the game's action combat, with multiple difficulty levels. The game will also have a skill tree and seven distinct weapon categories in addition to the Phantom Sword.

As promised, Chocobos will play an important roll in both transport and combat. Players can buff their chocobos by feeding them, and chocobos will help in a fight if the character is knocked off by a monster. The car is still the quicker method of travel of course. Tabata also warned that players will get a game over if they crash-land the car from flight mode, but promised that landing is not very difficult.

You can watch the full Active Time Report below, as well as a short video featuring everyone's favorite feathered steed. Final Fantasy XV comes out September 30 world wide on PS4 and Xbox One.