John Tucker
RPGFan Podcasts Now Available on Google Play Music!
Good news for those of us who use Android.
06.05.16 - 12:32 PM

For years, people with Android phones have had to load up extra apps if we wanted to listen to podcasts, because unlike iTunes, Google's music store and app couldn't handle RSS feeds. That has finally changed.

Yes, Google Play Music finally supports podcasts, and we wanted to let you all know that all three of RPGFan's podcasts can now be found there as well as iTunes and at the links here on the site. If you're an Android user who hasn't had the chance to listen to our shows because you didn't want to/couldn't add a podcasting app to your phone, rejoice! You can finally check them out. They are great shows, and we're proud of them.

Links to all three shows on Google Play can be found below this article.