Peter Triezenberg
Yuji Horii Wants Dragon Quest XI to Have Passwords
Maybe there's such a thing as too much nostalgia?
05.31.16 - 11:05 PM

Now here's a bit of gaming nostalgia I thought I'd never see. During an "Anniversary Countdown Special" for the Dragon Quest series, creator Yuji Horii mentioned wanting the "Spell of Restoration" to return in the upcoming Dragon Quest XI. The Spell of Restoration was a password system implemented in the Japanese versions of Dragon Quests I and II, phased out as game saves became an industry standard after such titles as the original Legend of Zelda.

dragon quest xi yuji horii passwords

What this means for Dragon Quest XI, I really can't say, but it's interesting to consider how a password system such as the Spell of Restoration could be utilized in a modern game. For now, though, I'd settle for learning whether or not the PS4 and 3DS title will make it's way outside of Japan. With the recent glut of Dragon Quest news, anything seems possible.