Chris Gebauer
Zero Time Dilemma for PC Set for June 30th Launch
Only two days after the handheld launch!
05.31.16 - 10:38 PM

PC gamers rejoice! The PC version of Zero Time Dilemma (the third installment in the fantastic Zero Escape series) has a planned release date for Steam on June 30th, which is only two days later than the PS Vita and 3DS versions of the game.

Zero Time Dilemma

Aksys Games confirmed to Gematsu that June 30th is the preliminary date that the Spike Chunsoft team responsible for the port is aiming for. On behalf of the PC crowd, here's hoping.

Akysys Games also said that they will be localizing the pre-order exclusive booklet included with the game in Japan, but the localized version will be sold separately.

Get excited people! In less than a month we will be playing Zero Time Dilemma, whether on PC, PS Vita, or 3DS.