Brett Wooley
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius For the West Of Us
There is nothing final about Final Fantasy.
05.29.16 - 7:10 PM

At this rate, Final Fantasy will be about how the universe was destroyed by all the dimension hopping between the protagonists/antagonists of each series. So until that inevitably happens, let's get hyped about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Played by over six million gamers in Japan, the newest Final Fantasy mobile experience will launch in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (traditional), and Korean. Players will follow the quest of Rain, Lasswell, and Fina, as they seek after a precious crystal and fight against the encroaching darkness.

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Development of the game has been a collaboration between Square Enix and gumi Inc (developers of the popular Brave Frontier mobile game). Unlike Record Keeper, Brave Exvius will possess an overworld that players can explore in order to search for treasure and secrets. The developers promise to provide seasoned and newer gamers with a streamlined turn-based battle experience, high-quality animations, and characters from past titles that will join in the fight (as well as slowly unravel the delicate fabric of time-space).

final fantasy brave exvius square enix mobile game iphone ios android

Players can currently pre-register online to receive in-game items at launch, and participate in hitting the final milestone to receive 10 rare summon tickets. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is set for release Summer 2016, with a playable demo available at E3 between June 14th 16th. Check out some of the screenshots in our gallery, and watch the latest release trailer below.