Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Breath of Fire 6 OST -Pulse- Review
Finally, a (dragon) breath of fresh air!
05.28.16 - 12:45 AM

When I first heard the words, Breath of Fire 6, I was filled with excitement because that would mean a new Breath of Fire soundtrack! When its OST, Breath of Fire 6 -Pulse-, finally came out and I heard its music, I was greatly pleased with the deliciousness within!

However, I won't be doting over its soundtrack today. Instead former Editor Mark P. Tjan (Now chairperson of ConBravo!) will be continuing his journey through the Breath of Fire series. Our combined thanks at RPGFan Music goes out to Mark for keeping the journey alive! Enjoy the review, readers, and the yummy music samples.