Colin Burns
Square Enix Discusses 10 Years of Developing Final Fantasy XV
I was 10 years old when it was announced.
05.27.16 - 3:29 AM

The good folks over at IGN have created a new developer diary profiling Square Enix and their 10 years spent making Final Fantasy XV. The video features commentary from many key figures on the development team. They often reference the fact that the team themselves are fans of the series and that they believe they know what makes Final Fantasy special. They are also confident that they are developing the "ultimate Final Fantasy." The director of FF XV, Hajime Tabata, said he hopes to make this a truly cutting edge title that will "reclaim Final Fantasy's throne." Tabata closes the video by saying he is "proud to contribute to the legacy of Final Fantasy."

Final Fantasy XV is releasing worldwide on September 30th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.