Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 14-2: The World Ends With You
Everyone hates the Beat when there’s no Rhyme.
05.19.16 - 9:30 PM

I think everyone on Retro Encounter can agree that Beat is your worst partner, but the question is, "Why?" We talk about the pros and cons of each partner and the gameplay conceit of having a rotating cast that needs to be individually leveled up. Finally, Josh attempts to get Mike to admit that The World Ends With You is a great game.

Make sure to stay for the entire episode because 14-2 ends on absolutely fantastic note.

Retro Encounter 14-2: The World Ends With You

Retro Encounter finishes The World Ends With You but remains confused on some details of the story. In turn, we talk about the Reaper's Game and try to parse out how it came into being. However, the main thrust of the conversation focuses on the characters, their story arcs and how your partners aid in Neku's transformation.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Mike Sollosi

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