Jesse Woo
See Caligula's Imaginary Chain Battle Mechanic in Action
It's off the chain.
05.14.16 - 12:42 PM

Caligula, Furyu and Aquaria's Persona-esq JRPG (it is directed by the writer behind the first two Persona games), relies on a battle mechanic called the Imaginary Chain. The Imaginary Chain allows players to visually map out their choices in advance to see tactically optimal choices. The system will update as you select more characters, and when you are satisfied with the outcome you can execute your attack.

Caligula follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who are trapped in a deceptively idyllic virtual world and must race against the clock to escape. It comes to the PS Vita in Japan on June 23rd of this year. No Western release has been announced.