John Tucker
Retro Encounter 14-1: The World Ends With You
Makes sense to me: eat food to wear nicer clothes.
05.11.16 - 11:19 PM

With only two people on the recording, the podcast becomes a discussion between a fan and a doubter of The World Ends With You. This episode of Retro Encounter focuses on the systems of the game; we talk about combating enemies on two screens, character development and how fashion plays a role combat and the atmosphere of the game. We also talk about our initial impressions of the characters and the game as a whole.

Retro Encounter pays attention to the fashion trends to win this recording.

Retro Encounter 14-1: The World Ends With You

Retro Encounter traverses Tokyo in this episode in hopes of winning the Reapers' Game. We focus the discussion on The World Ends With You's combat system and our thoughts on the characters. We agree that Neku is unlikeable during the first couple days but will we ultimately find him to be endearing?

Featuring: Josh Curry, Mike Sollosi

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