Jesse Woo
Valkyria: Azure Revolution's 5 Great Sinners, Friends or Foes?
Depends on who you ask I guess.
05.10.16 - 5:45 AM

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is a big departure from Valkyria: Chronicles gameplay-wise, and the new information about the story indicates it will chart new waters there as well. The political intrigue involved in moving a nation to war appears to be a central plot line according to updates from Sega's official website and Famitsu.

The Five Great Sinners are a group of like-minded individuals who push the small country of Jutland to war against the Rus Empire to end the blockade that is strangling their small country. They each posses the power to influence the country toward war in their own way and are principally motivated by revenge, though against whom it is not clear. In spearheading the war and plotting against the Jutland monarchy, they commit two mortal sins, for which they are judged for capital punishment.

The intriguing twist is that Amleth, reported elsewhere as the game's protagonist, is one of the Five. His power lies mainly on the battlefield, whereas the rest are influential on the home front. What is Amleth's relationship to the Princess Ophelia and the rest of the Sinners, and what is his crime?

valkyria azure revolution 5 grave sinners

Suleyman Kahlenberg is a member of the House of Representatives with a great deal of influence in the government. His power is that of "authority," and he presses the country toward war with a cool and analytical mind.

valkyria suleyman

Basil Sabanci runs a large Magic Arts Industrial company that he inherited from his adopted father. After assuming leadership, he rapidly expanded the company's operations in both pro-social and questionable ways, and then became entwined in the country's fiscal machinery. He supports the war with his vast economic power. On a personal level, he is charming and mischievous, and personally disarming to his enemies.

valkyria basil

Fleet Eriksen is a newspaper reporter with an influential column who uses his voice to incite the people to war. Despite his warmongering, he has a the soft-spoken personality of an intellectual.

valkyria fleet

Violet Szand is a beautiful woman whose guile and feminine charms make her a gifted spy. She gathers intelligence to fuel the war effort and occasionally spreads misinformation when it suits the Five Grave Sinners.

valkyria violet

What is the true nature of the Five Great Sinners? Do they really have the best interest of Jutland at heart, or will they recklessly drive the nation to war. Japanese gamers can find out this winter when Valkyria: Azure Revolution releases on the PlayStation 4.