Colin Burns
Watch 10 Minutes of Pokémon GO Beta Gameplay
See character creation, gym battles and more.
05.04.16 - 4:56 AM

The Pokémon GO Beta is live in Australia and thanks to a YouTuber named Darkathion, we have nearly 10 minutes of captured footage. The game really is all it is chalked up to be, you make your character, walk around, and catch pokémon! When a monster is near, you will see an augmented reality image of them on your phone screen and attempt to throw balls at them. There is no holding "down" and "a" on your cellphone so whether or not you catch your pokémon is entirely up to your aim and luck. Good lord is it nice to see these pokémon finally rendered in 3D! The video gives us a glimpse of how battles work as well. It seems like you pick your pokémon and then just let him/her/it do whatever it wants until your pokémon or your opponent's pokémon is defeated. We also learn that the streets of Australia are riddled with Porygons!

Pokémon GO is scheduled for a 2016 release on iOS and Android and Betas should continue to come out in other territories as the game nears release.