Colin Burns
Text Skipping Mechanic Changed in Zero Time Dilemma
I wonder what this means for the speed runners?
05.04.16 - 4:47 AM

Aksys Games recently posted a blog post that lays out exactly how text skipping will work in Zero Time Dilemma. The mechanic in Virtue's Last Reward that allowed you to skip all previously read text but stop on new stuff will return. This feature is crucial for reaching all the endings. It has already been revealed that Zero Time Dilemma is ditching the text boxes in favor of a more cinematic cutscene approach with optional subtitles. With this change also comes a new way of advancing that jumps from camera shot to camera shot, skipping all the text in between. This mode will skip through text even if you have never read it before so it is not advised that you play this way until you have completed the game. You will only be able to skip during Cinema scenes; Quest and Decision Game scenes will require your full attention.

Zero Time Dilemma Text Skipping

Zero Time Dilemma is coming to PlayStation Vita and 3DS on June 28th in North America and Europe. Japan will get it on June 30th. There are also plans for a PC release.