Peter Triezenberg
Tales of Berseria Coming Westward in Early 2017
We're not getting a Tales game every year? Perish the thought.
05.03.16 - 1:27 AM

The Tales series is becoming more and more annualized as time goes on, which is a definite improvement over when we didn't get these games at all, but still, a little breathing room in a year already jam-packed with top-tier RPG releases never hurt anybody. That's why it's pleasing to hear that Tales of Berseria, the latest entry in the illustrious franchise, will be releasing in the West in early 2017.

We have a freshly updated gallery filled with new screenshots that include glimpses at various characters, the game's fast-paced and fluid combat system, and the changes made to skits. There's also some off-screen footage for you to take a look at below. Take a look and stay tuned to RPGFan for any and all Tales news!