Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 10: Gone Home
I expected death and all I got was this Ouija board.
02.28.16 - 6:36 PM

The life Retro Encounter will be saving this time... will be our own. It turns out that Gone Home means different things to each member of the Retro Crew. We discuss whether or not audio logs and a scavenger hunt were the best ways to tell a story. We argue whether Kaitlin was a good main character and we delve into the depravity that was Oscar.

Join Retro Encounter as we explore the psycho house.

Retro Encounter 10: Gone Home

Retro Encounter returns home only to find it empty. Listen as we discuss our experiences uncovering the mysteries in Gone Home. We have a spirited debate on the quality of the story, characters and method of storytelling. Ultimately, we examine the emotional resonance the game had on each of us.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Davi Tesnovich, Chris Gebauer, Robert Fenner

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