Chris Gebauer
Romancing Saga 2 Launches Late March in Japan for Smartphones
The PlayStation Vita version is taking more time.
02.27.16 - 2:27 PM

The iOS and Android release of the Super Nintendo RPG Romancing Saga 2 is currently going through QA testing and is expected to release in Japan in late March, this according to the game's producer Masanori Ichikawa on Twitter.

Romancing Saga 2 Gameplay

In regards to the PlayStation Vita version, the game is in a playable state but having performance issues. In another tweet, Ichikawa said the team will continue working up until the last moment so that everyone will be satisfied. For the time being though, gamers will have wait for an update of PS Vita version's release date.

The re-release of Romancing Saga 2 boasts a slew of new features including updated graphics and controls optimized for each platform, as well as the "class" and "original dungeon" additions from the mobile version.