John Tucker
Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed
Plus a bit of news on the Gen 1 re-releases as well.
02.26.16 - 11:33 AM

During today's Nintendo Direct video celebrating the Pokémon series' 20th anniversary, Nintendo formally announced Pokémon Sun and Moon. The previously-leaked logos certainly provided us with strong suspicions that this would happen, but we're still very excited to see official confirmation of the new games.

Very few details were given — all we know at this point is that the games are new adventures (rather than remakes), they'll be available in Chinese for the first time, and they'll be releasing worldwide on 3DS "Holiday 2016."

The video also announced that the digital re-releases of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be compatible with the 3DS Pokémon Bank software, which will allow you to import Pokémon from your digital copy of the first generation games all the way up to your copy of Sun and Moon. And since Red, Blue, and Yellow will be available tomorrow (February 27th), you'll have plenty of time to build up a killer team before the new games release late this year!

Keep watching RPGFan for more news on these games as their release approaches.