Jesse Woo
More Star Ocean 5 NPCs and Locations Come to Light
Join the Resulia Special Forces!
02.25.16 - 12:48 PM

Those who watched Victor's character trailer for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness may know that he is the captain of an elite special forces unit in the kingdom of Resulia called the Special Forces Response Tactics Group. Apparently Victor won't be the only military personal to help Fidel on his journey; members of Victor's unit will also aid the party at various points in the game.

The first is Gunther, age 26 from the city of Saltview, Kingdom of Resulia, Planet Faykreed. Gunther is a hot-headed fisticuffs fighter who always serves as the tip of the spear. Though a bit naive, he places a great deal of trust in Victor and the military command.

Star Ocean 5 Gunther

The second member is Hana, age 22 from Ronsack, Kingdom of Langdauq, Planet Faykreed. Hana is a powerful signeturgy (magic) user despite her young age who has worked with Fiore at the Langdauq Royal Signeturgical Research Institute. She comes from a very prominent family and speaks with very elegant diction (often using the formal feminine "desu wa" in the Japanese version), but she joined the Resulian army to prove her abilities.

Star Ocean 5 Hana

Finally, Dax, age 40, is from the Northern Territory of Sohma, the same place as Victor. Though he fights with a bow gun he is more of an intelligence specialist with a stoic character to fit. Victor's operations frequently hinge on the information supplied by Dax.

Star Ocean 5 Dax

Another important NPC is the mysterious amnesia-stricken girl named Relia. Although players do not control her directly in combat, she can support the team with a mysterious signeturgy-like ability that freezes enemies. She can also cast support spells to boost the party's attack or defense parameters.

star ocean 5 relia ability

In addition, we have information on two new locations on the Planet Faykreed. The Northern Territory of Sohma is a snowbound town that is both tranquil and beautiful, but also harsh. Unlike in the more tropical south, residents there must frequently struggle to survive the winter freeze.

star ocean 5 sohma

The Western Dakaav Mines are a network of mining tunnels that used to connect the kingdoms of Resulia and Trei'kur. In their heyday they supported many surrounding towns, but now stand abandoned. Nowadays, no one even remembers their full layout and the tunnels are so extensive it is easy to lose one's way and one's life.

Star Ocean 5 Dakaav Mines

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness comes out in Japan on March 31 on the PS3 and PS4. It will come to the West later in 2016 on the PS4.