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First Footage of Valkyria: Azure Revolution Demo Now Live
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02.24.16 - 1:37 PM

With the Japanese release of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, RPG fans can also get a taste of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the demo of which is included with the game. Although Azure Revolution is not due in the West for some time, there is already streaming footage as well as a couple of official videos by Sega. You can check them out below, and when you are done watching, admire the updated gallery in the link at the bottom of the page.


Official Sega Playthrough 1

Official Sega Playthrough 2

Further, a recent Famitsu release gives a more in depth explanation of some of the game's heroes and the special military unit they belong to.

azure revolution famitsu translation Azure Revolution famitsu scan

The following translation is courtesy of Gematsu:

Anti-Valkyria Unit: "Vanargand"

In order for the Jutland Kingdom to oppose the Empire's Valkyria, an elite unit nicknamed the Vanargand was formed. It is a "Ragnite Elite" group whose members are chosen only on their Ragnite suitability, which are a source of Magic Arts, and regardless of military experience. Each uses a Magic-Ready Weapon created through Ragnite. With its strength of a thousand men, the unit can fight against even enemy tanks on equal terms.

Brigitte Ulrich

Age: 27
Height: 170cm
Rank: Sergeant

Due to her patriotism and strong sense of justice, she submitted herself aptitude inspection when the Vanargand was being formed. She wasn't very skilled, but they recognized her potential so she joined the corps and now she's a sergeant. She was raised in a household of teachers, so she's very serious and intelligent, but supposedly she's another person entirely when she holds a gun...

Blum Thomasson

Age: 18
Height: 170cm
Rank: Private

A boy born in the shopping district of Jutland's capital city Elsinore. He's good with his hands and messed around with products that use Ragnite. His childhood friend Helena forced him to submit himself to the Vanargand aptitude inspection, and then he ends up enlisting.

Helena Andersen

Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Rank: Private

A showgirl for a cafe in the capital city Elsinore. To save the country, she submitted herself to aptitude inspection for the Vanargand. A girl with a strong ambition who hates to lose, she is a little irritated when her childhood friend Blum, who she submitted to inspection with, receives a higher aptitude.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is due out in Japan this Winter on the PS4. A Western release date has not been announced.