Colin Burns
BioWare Producer Teases Dragon Age Strategy Game
You know you want that.
02.21.16 - 1:17 PM

Dragon Age franchise producer, Mark Darrah, has taken to Twitter to gauge fan interest in a turn-based strategy RPG set in the Dragon Age universe. You can participate in the poll below:

So far, it seems like most people would be in favor of a strategy game from BioWare. The combat of Dragon Age is already pretty strategic so it is easy to imagine a full-fledged SRPG. If this game ever happened, it would likely be a spin-off and would not serve as a Dragon Age IV or direct sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So after you decide whether or not you want a Dragon Age strategy game, BioWare wants to know more specifically what kind of strategy game you'd enjoy most. They name drop Fire Emblem and XCOM — two very different styles of SRPG. Fire Emblem is sort of the grandfather of the genre and has very rigid and traditional turn-based gameplay; XCOM is known for its mix of real time elements with the standard turn-based action.