Marcos Gaspar
Massive Arrangement Album Chronicles of Time Releases
It's about time!
02.19.16 - 1:20 PM

The team behind Spectrum of Mana returns to present us Chronicles of Time — a massive 5-disc Chrono Trigger arrangement album filled with wonderful music! What's very special about this release is the number of artists it took to create this delightful album (over 200 artists!) and the time and nature given to it (2 years). That's dedication and even more reason why Chrono Trigger fans — as well as video game music listeners — should check this impressive project out.

Notable performers such as Stemage (Metroid Metal), William Carlos Reyes and Tim Yarbrough (The OneUps) make an appearance on the album. The compositional talents of Alexander Brandon and Dale North are to be found in the album as well. And you can bet we have the pleasure of having game music cover bands such as Super Soul Bros., Descendants of Erdrick, Eight Bit Disaster, Super Guitar Bros., and The World is Square serenade our ears!

Chronicles of Time is currently available through Loudr, iTunes, and Spotify. All proceeds are donated to the international charity organization, Doctors Without Borders.