Colin Burns
Yo-Kai Watch Attempts to Romance the Three Kingdoms in Latest Crossover
What's next? A yo-kai dating game? - (I'd play that).
02.18.16 - 6:34 PM

Level 5 has revealed the debut trailer for the latest in the world of Yo-Kai, Yo-Kai Sangokushi. Yo-Kai Sangokushi is a 3DS strategy RPG crossover with Koei Tecmo's longstanding Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. The games features over 400 familiar yo-kai and finds them trying to reunite the "Sakura Country." Whisper with a beard is a nice touch.

The Yo-Kai Watch franchise is no stranger to drawing inspiration from and crossing over with other series. The base games themselves are kind of like weird mash-ups of Pokémon, Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei games and in Japan, Yo-Kai Watch Busters takes a few pages out of the the Monster Hunter book. Japan even has a Yo-Kai-themed Just Dance title!

Yo-Kai Sangokushi is releasing in Japan on April 2nd.