David Brown
Destiny Sequel Officially Coming in 2017, One More Expansion Due in 2016
Plus, Bungie snags a fancy new writer.
02.17.16 - 7:07 PM

Destiny isn't done, yet. Activision has confirmed that the FPS-MMO (still not used to saying that) will get another large expansion in 2016. This may be the last sizable chunk of content for the game, as Activision also confirmed that Destiny's official sequel is slated for 2017.

destiny sequel

I see you back there, Dinklebot.

There is no information on the sequel, other than it is happening. News on the Destiny content set for this year was similarly slim, with Activision saying only that it is a "large new expansion."

In seemingly related news, Chris Schlerf, lead writer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has exited BioWare Montreal and found a new home at Bungie. Mr. Scherlf confirmed the news himself on Twitter. Among his other writing credits, Mr. Schlerf worked for 343 Industries on Halo 4. Many of the chief complaints against Destiny regarded its lack of story (no more Grimoire cards!). It would seem that Bungie is taking the criticism seriously while working on its sequel.